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Using Spinach with Selenium

When using Cucumber, I like the ability to switch Capybara drivers on a per scenario basis using tags. I can run with the Rack::Test driver for the default cases but switch to the Selenium driver for those scenarios that require javascript support.

I’ve been trying out Spinach lately and wanted the same ability. Here’s what I did.

Add hooks in featues/support/hooks.rb to switch the Capybara driver based on a scenario tag.

require 'capybara/dsl'

Spinach.hooks.before_scenario do |data|
  next unless data["tags"]
  tags = data["tags"].map{ |tag| tag["name"] }
  if tags.include?("@javascript")
    Capybara.current_driver = :selenium

Spinach.hooks.after_scenario do

Tag the features that require a javascript driver just like you would in Cucumber.

Feature: Sign up

  Scenario: With correct credentials
    Given I am on the sign up page
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